Simplifying our ECS monitoring

We’re deprecating the Prometheus setup of our ECS clusters. We released that setup a while ago as an alternative for both infrastructure and application montoring for our ECS clusters, similar to what we have in place for Kubernetes. But we’ve found that it hasn’t been really used in any of the clusters. Operational coverage for ECS clusters is still covered by our central monitoring system, and customers have their own monitoring in place to cover the application.

Because of that we’ve decided to remove that Prometheus-based setup so we can better invest engineering resources in features effectively used by customers. And free up some cluster resources along the way, which of course can lead to potential cost-savings for customers on cloud consumption (that is if the cluster can be downscaled).

You don’t need to take any action. You’ll see that your clusters are now running less services and thus have a bit more room for your own workloads.