Updated Teleport to version 4.3.5

We’ve updated all Teleport clusters and nodes to version 4.3.5. This is a major release, which includes a brand new UI. This should make Teleport in general easier to use, but more importantly the Audit Log is now also fully exposed through the UI.

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Grafana main dashboard updated

We’ve added a Grafana dashboard called Overview with a new dashboard that contains all relevant info from your cluster. We’ve made this dashboard the default for Grafana to replace the default home page of Grafana. This change will be rolled out during the next release.

Disable Nginx server token

As part of our ongoing security audits we noticed Nginx ingress’s server token of our Kubernetes clusters is enabled (which is the default configuration). This leads to exposing Nginx version in the HTTP headers. We have decided to disable it as recommended, no further actions are required from your side, we went ahead and already disabled it for all of the staging clusters, and production clusters will follow by the beginning of next week.

Upgrade EKS to 1.17

With the major K8s 1.16 from last month just behind us, we now have updated our EKS control planes and nodes to the latest supported version: 1.17. This brings EKS on K8s v1.17.6.

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