Istio upgraded to version 1.11.2

We have upgraded Istio on all clusters that use it. The version was upgraded from 1.10.0 to 1.11.2. The new version comes with some features meant for operators and no breaking changes that you should be concerned of.

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VPA enabled by default

During the last year we have tested out the Vertical Pod Autoscaler on several of our workloads and customers. These results were positive and therefore we decided to roll out the VPA on all our clusters.

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Downgraded Grafana to v7.5

Last month we rolled out a major Grafana update, going from 7.5 to 8.1. While initially everything looked in order, some customers experienced issues with their custom dashboards which were working perfectly in the previous release. Mainly data coming from SQL data sources, visualized through the “old” graph panel, is sorted differently or got visualized completely wrong.

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Reduced memory usage of Cluster Autoscaler

In an effort to optmize as much as possible the resources being used by the infrastrucutre components running on our Reference Solution Kubernetes platforms, we’ve considerably reduced the memory used by the Cluster Autoscaler by optimizing its configuration. This means that the autoscaler will now run more reliably, and that there’ll be a bit more memory available for other workloads running on the K8s clusters.

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Pod Disruption Budget for CoreDNS

In order to improve the resilience of CoreDNS during upgrades, we have added a Pod Disruption Budget for the CoreDNS pods. The CoreDNS deployment already has a proper update strategy and anti affinity applied, however the extra PDB will prevent the posibility where there are no available CoreDNS pods running in the cluster during a rolling upgrade.