Velero S3 backups replication

Our reference solution eks-based Velero backups on AWS S3 now supports automatic replication to an additional S3 bucket on an AWS region of choice. The feature is disabled by default, contact your lead engineer to discuss about enabling it for your cluster(s) if needed.

Monitoring upgrades

As part of our regular upgrade cycle, the following Kubernetes cluster components have been updated. These updates are being rolled out to all clusters and will be finished by the end of the week.

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Grafana main dashboard updated

We have fixed a problem in our main Grafana dashboard. Previously we counted the resources for all pods (including those who already completed). This gave an incorrect indication on the cluster usage. Now we filter out the failed and succeeded pods so the dashboard indicates a more correct usage of the cluster.

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New log shipper added - Fluent Bit

We already offer a cost-effective and default logging solution based on Grafana Loki. However we realize this logging solution is not a perfect fit for everybody and thus now also allow deploying and configuring Fluent Bit through our reference solution offering, including all the benefits like regular updates.

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Fixed issue with Vault certificate renewal

For increased security, our Vault setups are configured to terminate TLS sessions directly at the Vault server process. To do so, we use cert-manager to provision LetsEncrypt certificates that the Vault server Pods can use. There was an issue with this setup, where the Vault servers didn’t reload the certificate when this was renewed by cert-manager, rendering Vault insecure / unavailable.

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Fall component upgrades

As part of our regular upgrade cycle, the following Kubernetes cluster components have been updated. We’ve already rolled these out to all staging clusters. Production clusters will follow in the coming days.

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Support for GPU node pools in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

We’re adding support for GPU node pools in AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service). GPU nodes are great for compute-intensive workloads such as graphics and visualization workloads, or machine-learning processes. Azure uses the NVIDIA device plugin to make the GPU capacity of a node available to Kubernetes workloads.

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