Upgrade to Concourse v3.14.1

We’ve upgraded all the Concourse setups to the latest available version, that’s 3.14.1.

Most of the changes are bug fixes, some performance improvements and minor features. You can check the official Concourse changelog here: https://concourse-ci.org/download.html#v3140 This is a small summary of the changes you might notice:

  • Small UI modifications
    • the home icon is gone
    • the groups navigation is now inside the pipeline page
    • more indicators in the dashboard
  • Garbage collection is now performed in parallel across all workers, which should improve efficiency.
  • The S3 resource now supports configuring an initial version & content, which can be useful for bootstrapping state.
  • The Git resource now supports two new parameters: submodule_recursive: false, to disable the default recursive fetching, and submodule_remote: true to fetch submodules with --remote