Concourse version 4.1.0 upgrade

We’ve upgraded all the Concourse setups to the latest available version, that’s 4.1.0. We have upgraded our test concourse cluster from v3.14.1 to v4.1.0. Customer clusters will follow shortly after we have confirmed there are no issues with our workloads.

This release includes also the upgrade to the major release 4. You can check the official Concourse changelog here This is a small summary of the changes you might notice:

  • 4.0.0 changes
    • authentication has been changed completely
      • authentication with bitbucket is not possible anymore at this moment
    • performance improvements
      • We’ve made quite a few optimizations that should take a lot of load off the database. This should improve everything from garbage collection efficiency to web UI response time.
      • significant improvements to the performance of the build page while keeping its functionality exactly the same.
    • The dashboard’s influence has taken hold on the web UI! The main page (/) now shows the dashboard instead of some random pipeline configured by the first team on the instance. We’ve also made the dashboard more powerful with pipeline pausing and re-ordering. We hope you like it because we’ve removed the sidebar from the pipeline view…it’s just cleaner.
    • The interval on which resource types are checked for new versions can now be set globally via –resource-type-checking-interval, or per-resource-type in a pipeline via check_every.
  • 4.1.0 changes
    • You can now force an immediate check of a resource type via fly check-resource-type. This should help shorten feedback loops when testing your own resources types.

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