Initial support for Milvus database

We have added initial support for Milvus. It is available as an optional add-on for all customers using our Kubernetes Reference Solution on AWS.

Milvus is an open-source vector database that is highly flexible, reliable, and blazing fast. It supports adding, deleting, updating, and near real-time search of vectors on a trillion-byte scale. A comprehensive set of intuitive APIs, and support for multiple widely adopted index libraries (e.g., Faiss, NMSLIB, and Annoy), simplifies the process of choosing the right index type for a given scenario. Additionally, support for scalar data filtering ensures Milvus maintains a high recall rate and remains adaptable.

Milvus is setup in a high available way on K8s with EFS as storage layer.

This is our first release and we look forward to improving this setup in the future. If you have a use case for this type of database or any other questions, don’t hesitate to talk it through with your Customer Lead.