Upgraded Teleport to version 6.2.8

We’ve upgraded all Teleport clusters to version 6.2.8. Coming from version 4.x, this is a (double) major release, coming with many new features:

  • Application access: users can use Teleport to securely proxy to (web-)applications with SSO, as an alternative to using VPNs
  • Database access: users can connect to PostgreSQL andf MySQL databases using short-lived certificates, using SSO and RBAC controls. Query activitey is also logged in the audit log
  • Significant Kubernetes Access improvements: support for multi-cluster access and complete kubernetes audit log capture
  • RBAC for Teleport OSS: it’s now possible to have more granular control over user permissions, using roles, in the Open Source version of Teleport
  • Several UI updates

You can find more information on this release in the Teleport changelog

In general we’re quite excited over these features and have already been working on some proof-of-concepts to check which we could use by default.

Although Teleport is mostly used as an internal tool to grant our engineers access to the systems we manage, these new benefits could also benefit you. If you’re interested in using / testing one of these, please check with your lead to determine next steps.