Making our Terraform helper script public

Every piece of infrastructure we create is managed via Terraform. This is to ensure that everything we deploy is repeatable, follows best practices and is fully tracked.

Over the years, to make our work a bit more convenient, we’ve developed some opinionated patterns when using Terraform, including some specific folder structure. To simplify our Terraform runs when using such a structure, we implemented a simple script, that automatically loads some common variable files according to the environment that the user is applying.

Up until now this script remained private as we were the only interested users. But since our customers are getting more and more involved over time into our Terraform configurations, it made sense to publish this script so they could use it too.

The script is published in our public tools repository, where there’s some documentation on how it works, and it can be installed via Homebrew:

brew tap skyscrapers/tap
brew install tf