[Important / breaking] VPC renames on AWS

We’d like to inform you that we’re renaming and (re-tagging) many network related resources, like the VPC name, subnet names, route tables, etc. Normally this shouldn’t have any impact for you, however if you rely on the VPC name for anything, you will need to update this workload. (*)

Instead of eg. <project> <environment> VPC, the (default) name for a VPC will be formed as <prodject>-<environment> for existing setups and <environment> for new setups using separate accounts per environment.

The renames have already been rolled out for non-production environments. Production will be updated on Monday, April 4th. Please contact us if you are impacted by this.

This rename fits into a larger effort we’re taking in standardizing our naming and tagging schemes. As a result you might also notice resource tagged with environment, installer and maintainer tags, among others.

(*) If this is the case, we advise against using names to reference cloud resources. Instead you should rely on IDs, ARNs and/or tags whenever possible!