Upgrade to Kubernetes 1.10.11 [updated]

Update 2 (2018-12-03): Since our last update, the people at Kubernetes updated their documentation to add an important fix in the 1.10.11 changelog:

CVE-2018-1002105: Fix critical security issue in kube-apiserver upgrade request proxy handler (#71411, @liggitt)

This fixes a security vulnerability in the API server that affected almost every previous k8s version. The patch is already included in the 1.10.11 version that we rolled out to your staging clusters last week, and we’re planning to rollout all production clusters this week, between today (Tuesday) and tomorrow.

Update 1 (2018-11-28): Kubernetes version 1.10.11 was released before we could roll out the previous version to production. In order to reduce the number of production roll outs, we decided to upgrade the staging clusters to the new version (1.10.11) this week, and postpone the production roll out to next week, when we’ll upgrade directly to 1.10.11.

Original post (2018-11-21):

We’ve upgraded our Kubernetes staging clusters to the latest stable version. Bumping from version 1.10.8 to 1.10.10 1.10.11. There are no major changes in this upgrade, mostly bug fixes and patches. You can review the full changelog in the official Kubernetes repo.

If we don’t uncover any issues in the staging clusters during the next few days, we’ll rollout the upgrade to all the production clusters next week.