Upgrade to Kubernetes 1.11.6 [updated]

Update: Changed Kubernetes update from 1.10.12 to 1.11.6

We’ve upgraded our Kubernetes staging clusters to the latest stable version. Bumping from version 1.10.10 to 1.10.12 1.11.6. There are some nice additions to the 1.11 release, like Pod priority and preemption being enabled by default, but no breaking changes. You can review the full changelog in the official Kubernetes repo.

Additionally, the issue that caused a memory-leak on the kubelet due to the helm-tiller Pod has been fixed. Which means that we don’t need an isolated extra host to run tiller anymore. This will slightly lower the costs of your clusters and increase the stability of your helm deployments.

If we don’t uncover any issues in the staging clusters during the next few days, we’ll rollout the upgrade to all the production clusters next week.