Cluster and Persistent Volume backups with Velero 1.0

Staging Kubernetes clusters are now backed up through Heptio Velero. Production rollout is happening in the following days.

As default schedule, backups are taken each night (0:00 UTC) and are retained for 10 days, however these are configurable. Backups include:

  • All defined cluster resources (Deployments, Jobs, Services and so forth), KMS-encrypted and uploaded to S3
  • Snapshots of EBS-backed Persistent Volumes

You can interact with your backups by installing the velero command. For example to list available backups (note our default schedule/backups can be found in the infrastructure namespace):

ยป velero backup get -n infrastructure
NAME                                   STATUS      CREATED                          EXPIRES   STORAGE LOCATION   SELECTOR
velero-cluster-backup-20190715000032   Completed   2019-07-15 02:00:32 +0200 CEST   9d        default            <none>
velero-cluster-backup-20190714000031   Completed   2019-07-14 02:00:31 +0200 CEST   8d        default            <none>
velero-cluster-backup-20190713000031   Completed   2019-07-13 02:00:31 +0200 CEST   7d        default            <none>
velero-cluster-backup-20190712000030   Completed   2019-07-12 02:00:30 +0200 CEST   6d        default            <none>
velero-cluster-backup-20190711000035   Failed      2019-07-11 02:00:39 +0200 CEST   5d        default            <none>
velero-cluster-backup-20190710000034   Completed   2019-07-10 02:00:34 +0200 CEST   4d        default            <none>
velero-cluster-backup-20190709000034   Completed   2019-07-09 02:00:34 +0200 CEST   3d        default            <none>
velero-cluster-backup-20190708000033   Completed   2019-07-08 02:00:33 +0200 CEST   2d        default            <none>
velero-cluster-backup-20190707000033   Completed   2019-07-07 02:00:33 +0200 CEST   1d        default            <none>
velero-cluster-backup-20190706000033   Completed   2019-07-06 02:00:33 +0200 CEST   11h       default            <none>

For more information on how you can interact with these backups, check out our documentation and/or the upstream documentation