Heavily reduced resource reservations for our default cluster Add-ons

In the past weeks we’ve revisited the resource reservations (requests and limits) we made for running all the cluster Add-ons.

These Add-ons provide you with features like Ingress, DNS, certificates, monitoring and logging, backups and so forth. However this also means that we have to reserve part of your cluster’s resources, dedicated to running these components.

We have closely been watching resource usage of all components during the past months and deemed that sometimes we were overprovisioning for these too much on the safe side. By updating all our component’s resource requests and limits, we were able to shave off a couple of Gigabytes and to lesser extent some CPU time, freeing up these resources again for your own application workloads.

These changes have already been rolled out in the past days. As always we keep monitoring our cluster Add-ons resources across all customers and adapt reservations accordingly.

Please take note that running your application workloads also benefits from such regular capacity planning exercises. Your Lead will be more than happy to help you with this.