Migration to Helm 3

We have migrated all our managed cluster add-ons and our CI to Helm 3.

Compared to Helm 2, version 3 comes with quite a lot of improvements, of which most aparent is the removal of the Tiller server component:

  • Removal of Tiller
  • Release Names are now scoped to the Namespace, meaning there’s no longer need to add release suffixes like -dev, -test and so forth!
  • More robust update strategy via 3-way Strategic Merge Patches
  • Library chart support, a chart that is shared by other charts, but does not create any release artifacts of its own
  • And many others! Check out the upstream Changes since Helm 2 page.

So, what’s next? Each customer Lead will make contact with you to help and follow-up migration of your own application releases to Helm 3.

We’ve updated our documentation so be sure to check these out already:

Once all application releases have been fully migrated, we will remove Tiller from our clusters.