Option to add an internal-only Ingress controller

We now offer the option to enable and use an internal-only Nginx Ingress Controller, next to the public one we offer by default. This is useful if you want to expose services running in K8s only within the private AWS VPC network.

With this change, it’s also possible to expose dashboards for Prometheus, Grafana, Consul, etc. through this internal Ingress. As a result you need to be connected through OpenVPN to access them, next to the oauth2-based authentication we offer by default.

It’s now also possible to disable the default public Ingress controller, for example for those customers that use a custom controller like haproxy.

Get in touch with your Lead Engineer if you want to enable the internal-only controller. Once enabled you can make use of it by setting the kubernetes.io/ingress.class: "nginx-internal" annotation on your Ingress objects.