Striving for more automation on the K8s reference solution

We’ve recently improved in the automation of our Kubernetes reference solution in several ways. Automation is very important for us to be able to quickly deliver new features and bug fixes to our customers, while performing seamless rollouts that cause no disruption to running workloads.

In essence, we’ve reworked the way we define Kubernetes clusters in code. The cluster definition yaml file is now much more structured, easier to read and to write. Under the hood we’ve also improved on how we use that file within our tooling, which makes it easier for us and the CI system to run updates on the customer infrastructure.

Additionally, since some missing functionality was recently implemented in the Opsgenie Terraform provider, we’re also creating the Opsgenie integration and heartbeat for Prometheus in Terraform code. This frees us from some tedious manual steps that we needed to go through before for every new cluster that we set up.

We’re already using these new automation features on all clusters, so you don’t need to do anything on your part.