Support for RabbitMQ and AmazonMQ monitoring

We’ve added support for monitoring both self-hosted RabbitMQ and AmazonMQ for RabbitMQ clusters through Prometheus. The monitoring coverage differs slighly for those two services.

For self-hosted RabbitMQ, the minimum required version is 3.8.0 and it must run on a Kubernetes cluster managed by us. If those requirements are met you can configure it so Prometheus scrapes the RabbitMQ brokers and exposes the collected metrics via the RabbitMQ overview Grafana dashboard. Head to our documentation repository to know more on how to set this up.

In the case of AmazonMQ for RabbitMQ, the metrics are collected into Prometheus from Cloudwatch, via the Cloudwatch exporter. Because of this, the available metrics are fewer than in the case of self-hosted RabbitMQ. At this moment, only the memory and disk usage are collected in Prometheus. Alerts will also be in place in case those usages go avove their respective limits.

Please reach out to us if you have any feedback on the above or if you’d like some additional metrics or alerts to be set up.