Upgraded cluster add-ons

As part of our regular upgrade cycle, the following Kubernetes cluster components have been updated. We’ve already rolled these out to all non-production clusters. Production upgrades will happen on Monday 21/03 during business hours.

Most of the updates are patches with minor changes. The most relevant updates are:

cert-manager removed deprecated APIVersions.

Following their deprecation in version 1.4, the cert-manager API versions v1alpha2, v1alpha3, and v1beta1 have been removed. You must ensure that all cert-manager custom resources are stored in etcd at version v1 and that all cert-manager CustomResourceDefinitions have only v1 as the stored version before upgrading.

During the upgrade we take care of making sure all K8s stored apiVersions are updated.

If you still have Certificates and Issuers using any of the deprecated versions, make sure to update to cert-manager.io/v1. However you shouldn’t have been able to deploy those older versions anymore since the previous cert-manager upgrade round.

Shared Addons (AKS & EKS)

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