Upgraded AKS and EKS clusters to 1.22

We have started rolling out AKS and EKS 1.22. This brings our supported AKS platforms to v1.22.11 and EKS to v1.22.10.

Upon writing we have already upgraded all non-production clusters. Production clusters will follow next week after some extra validation.

Important changes between K8s 1.21 and 1.22

For more detailed info on what’s new and changed, please make sure to check the Kubernetes 1.22 release announcement and the full Kubernetes 1.22.x changelog.

Here’s a small list of some major themes:

EKS specific changes

  • Amazon EKS v1.22 uses etcd version v3.4 as a backend, and is not affected by the possibility of data corruption.
  • Amazon EKS is changing the default AWS Security Token Service endpoint used by IRSA to be the regional endpoint instead of the global endpoint to reduce latency and improve reliability.

In the process of upgrading EKS the following components have also been upgraded:

  • KubeProxy from v1.21.2 to v1.22.6
  • CoreDNS from v1.8.4 to v1.8.7
  • Cluster Autoscaler from v1.21.3 to v1.22.3

Actions to take