Add support for hierarchical namespaces

As of today we offer the hierarchical namespace controller as an optional component to your cluster.

The hierarchical namespace controller makes it possible to virtually nest namespaces under each other so they can inherit things like RBAC, Network Policies, Secrets,…

Hierarchical namespaces make it easier to share your cluster by making namespaces more powerful. For example, you can create additional namespaces under your team’s namespace, even if you don’t have cluster-level permission to create namespaces, and easily apply policies like RBAC and Network Policies across all namespaces in your team (e.g. a set of related microservices).

Note that this is an optional component, and not enabled by default. If you think it could be useful for you, get in touch so we can check with you what you want to do with it and set up the HNC and its permissions.

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