Istio upgraded to version 1.16.3

We have upgraded Istio on all clusters that use it. The version was upgraded from 1.16.1 to 1.16.3. These releases contain bug fixes to improve robustness and security fixes in the underlying Go packages. You can check the full release notes here. We’ve also upgraded Kiali to the latest version, 1.64.0 (changelog).

The mentioned upgrades are already rolled out to all relevant clusters and you don’t need to take any immediate further action. However you might notice that there’s currently 2 Istio control planes (istiod) running on your environment. This is because we use canary upgrades for Istio and every workload you run will switch to the new version once it’s restarted / redeployed. This has no impact on the dataplane functionality (traffic flows between all workloads).

You can check the status via istioctl proxy-status. Once we notice all workloads have migrated to the new control plain, we will remove the older istiod version.