Upgrading EKS clusters to v1.29

Update 2024-04-04: All clusters have been upgraded to v1.29.

We are rolling out EKS v1.29. Please make sure to update to our recommended client versions matching this upgrade


  • Testing & rollout to non-production clusters has happened in the past week
  • Production rollouts are in progress and are expected to finish at the end of this week
  • Update this changelog when everything is finished

Important changes between K8s 1.28 and 1.29

For more detailed info on what’s new and changed, please make sure to check the Kubernetes 1.29 release announcement and the full Kubernetes 1.29.x changelog.

This release mostly focusses on graduating many features/apis to alpha, beta and stable status. Here’s a small list of the most relevant changes:

  • Sidecar Containers have graduated to beta However the concept of a sidecar container in K8s has existed for a long time, it is now also possible to allow running an initContainer as a sidecar by setting it’s restartPolicy to Always.
  • Automatic clean up of legacy Secret-based ServiceAccount tokens Since K8s 1.22, a switch was made from legacy Secret-based ServiceAccount tokens to time-limited and pod-bound ServiceAccount tokens. The 1.29 release will start cleaning up the old Secret-based tokens if they haven’t been used in more than 2 years (they get marked as invalid after 1 year).

EKS specific updates

AWS EKS 1.29 announcement blog and release notes.

In the process of upgrading EKS the following components have also been upgraded:

  • KubeProxy to v1.29.1-eksbuild.2
  • CoreDNS to v1.11.1-eksbuild.6
  • Cluster Autoscaler to v1.29.0

Actions to take

There are no actions to take for you this release.