Migration of GitHub actions-runner-controller to gha-runner-scale-set

As of today we are supporting the new (officially by GitHub supported) deployment method of GitHub Actions runners, the gha-runner-scale-set-controller. This new controller is a more efficient and scalable way to deploy self-hosted GitHub runners (controlled by a new gha-runner-scale-set) on Kubernetes. Next to improved stability and ongoing development, this new controller adds autoscaling of the runner pool based on the number of pending jobs, resulting in a more scalable and cost-effective solution.

If you were already using the self-hosted GitHub runners, you will find a GitHub issue in your repository informing you about the steps we will perform to migrate to the new gha-runner-scale-set controller. While we don’t foresee any downtime, we will align with you on when to perform the migration to avoid any potential impact on your workflows.

More information about the new controller can be found in the official repository, the announcement post and the official documentation.