[Action required] Upgraded cluster add-ons

Update 2024-04-22: These changes have been rolled out to all clusters.

As part of our regular upgrade cycle, the following Kubernetes cluster components have been updated and are gradually rolling out to all our managed clusters. With this upgrade you will start noticing AngularJS plugin warnings in Grafana dashboards, so make sure to check the changelog and Actions to take section below for more information.

Focus of most changes resolve CVEs, bug fixes and general improvements. Click each link to go to the full upstream changelog.

Actions to take

An important change has come to Grafana where the use of AngularJS in is being deprecated in favor of React. Support for AngularJS will be turned removed in Grafana 12. As a result you will start noticing warning messages in Grafana dashboards, helping you to identify which panels are using AngularJS plugins.

While we have updated our own custom dashboards to use newer plugin versions, unfortunately many of the standard dashboards from eg. kubernetes-mixin that we deploy have not yet been updated.

Many of our customers also deploy their own custom dashboards, so we recommend you to check these for AngularJS plugin warnings and update them accordingly. For more information on how to do this, you can refer to the Grafana pages on this topic:

The most commonly used core plugins to change are Graph (old), Singlestat, Table (old), and Worldmap. While these can be auto-migrated, you can also easily update them to the newer versions, for example:

Some old custom plugins also have found there way as core plugins. For example you can replace grafana-piechart-panel with the build-in Pie Chart.